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Many experts think that things are going to change in the future in regards to the workweek. Currently, it’s very common for people to work five days or more each week. Many Americans have to push themselves and they work more than 40 hours each week just to make ends meet. However, with technological advancements changing the way that companies approach things, it might be more likely than ever that people will be able to start working less.

Introducing the Four-Day Workweek

Some people feel that it would be very beneficial for humanity if people were able to start working a bit less. As things stand now, people are overworked and underpaid. The concept of the four-day workweek allows people to work and get things done efficiently while having multiple days to themselves. Proponents of the four-day workweek say that it will help to improve the mental health of employees.

There is growing support for the four-day workweek as well since people are really starting to think about their relationships with employers. Is it worth it to sacrifice your health and happiness in the pursuit of a paycheck? The four-day workweek model could become a reality in the future if more people show support for it and if it can be shown to be economically viable. Time will tell which way things will go but it’s true that technology is making it so that humans should be able to work less.


Automation is coming and it’s already very prevalent in certain industries. Many types of jobs are going to be automated moving forward and this is going to eliminate some jobs while creating certain new ones. If humanity is capable of having many processes automated, then why should people have to work all the time? This is a question that many supporters of the four-day workweek are asking themselves and others.

With the entire concept of work and industry-changing, the concept of work hours will likely change too. People might not be working long days moving forward and this is also why people such as Andrew Yang are supporting the concept of universal basic income. The future is coming and it will bring changes even if people can’t agree on just how far those changes will go right now