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Mental health is gaining traction in recent years and for good reason. Feeling good mentally puts us in the best position to be the best us that we can be.

So, it only stands to reason that mental health can be an obstacle in entrepreneurship. It is a stressful environment, one which all too often leads to things like depression and anxiety, amongst other mental health issues.


One of the most dominant feelings as an entrepreneur is the feeling of being alone. There is an old saying – “it’s lonely at the top.” As the owner of a business, that is precisely how it can feel at times.

Whether successful or struggling, running a business can make it feel like a you vs the world situation. Finding people you can trust and lean on is crucial to combatting the feelings of loneliness that can come with entrepreneurship.

Stress and Anxiety

There is also the regular feeling that there is so much on the line. Whether it be your personal finances, the financial well-being of employees, or something else entirely, there is a lot of pressure on entrepreneurs.

Being able to manage that stress can lead to a reduction in anxiety and depression. This can be handled in different ways, but it is about finding a balance and not letting the business take entrepreneurs too high or too low.

Is there a Cure?

The short answer is “no.” Those feelings are going to happen to entrepreneurs on a daily basis. It is about finding a balance and making those stressors tolerable. It is about finding even temporary solutions for loneliness, anxiety, and the stresses of running a business.

Perhaps it means leaning on someone to handle certain day-to-day roles. It might mean enlisting the services of a therapist, getting the stresses off your chest. Whatever the case, finding that balance between mental health and entrepreneurship is a delicate act. But it can mean the difference between success and failure, both personally and as a business owner.