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Like so many other things, companies follow a life cycle of being born and then going through stages of growth and decay. If your company is starting to grow, you may think that it’s time to start upscaling.

Here are five signs that it may be time to start considering upscaling your company.

  1. Orders From Outside Your Market

It’s one thing to serve the people in your community. Once you start expanding outside of those boundaries, however, it’s time to start leaving the nest and growing your company. If you’re already getting orders from outside your market, it’s a good sign that you’re ready to upscale things.

  1. Getting More Leads

When you start out, there are few things more important to building momentum for your company than being able to generate leads. This can prove to be a struggle. If you find that you aren’t only struggling to generate those leads, however, but they’re rolling in, you may be ready to grow.

  1. Your Team Is Fantastic

There’s no way to measure this. It’s simply a “feeling” you have. If you start to feel like your company has incomparable chemistry and you can accomplish anything – well, maybe you really are ready to achieve more together.

  1. Demand Exceeds Supply

One of the bedrock binaries on which modern trade is built is the idea of Supply and Demand. There are all manner of economic theories and treatises written on their relationship, but for our purposes, the math is a lot simpler. If you find that your demand is so great that it’s starting to exceed supply, it may be time to upscale your supply, and your company along with it.

  1. You Have the Money

Expansion requires money. Sometimes, businesses borrow that money so they can expand more quickly. However, if you already have plenty of surplus cash on hand, upscaling may be worth it. After all, as the saying goes, “you have to spend money to make money.”

If your company meets most or all of these prerequisites, upscaling may be in your near future.