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Dave Linhardt Work From Home

Some people think that working from home is going to be a dream come true and then find out that it’s tougher than they realized. It isn’t always easy to stay focused when you’re working from home for many reasons. If you want to keep the “work” in work-from-home, then you need to make sure that you’re approaching things the right way. Keep reading to learn how you can have the best experience when working from home.

Avoid Distractions

Avoiding distractions is going to be imperative if you want to have a true work experience while you’re at home. If you have other family members home while you’re working, then you need to make sure that they understand that you wish to not be interrupted during work hours. It’s also going to be prudent to turn off your personal smartphone and to avoid other activities while working. Don’t turn on the TV for background noise because it really just distracts from what you need to do.

Make an Office Area

Making an office area that you go to when it’s time to work is going to be very helpful. You can actually go to this office during your work hours and you’ll have an easier time getting in the right mindset. Many people struggle to keep work and home separate but this will be easier if you have a dedicated work area. Avoid working in your bedroom or living room unless you have no space and this is a necessity.

Keep Set Hours

Are you making sure that you work during set hours or are you just working whenever it happens to be convenient? People feel much more as though they’re working when they’re able to keep set hours rather than working whenever. Try to keep a consistent schedule that will allow you to get your work done in a timely fashion. For many people, working a traditional 9-5 schedule will be a good option but you can figure out the ideal schedule for yourself based on your needs.

Learn to Communicate Remotely

Communicating with others remotely is different than working in an office environment. You’re going to need to pay extra attention to ensure that you aren’t letting details slip through the cracks. Check your emails and make sure that you send concise, accurate messages. Also, it’s good to get in touch via video conferencing or phone calls sometimes when you need more nuanced communication.