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Creating a business from the ground up is about more than having an idea. It also means having a great business plan, too.

But how do you write one if you never have before? Get your startup off on the right foot by creating the perfect business plan. Here are the tips that you need to follow to get yours right.

Key Concepts

The business plan has to make sense. More importantly, it not only has to convince potential lenders, but it has to convince you that this is a good idea. After all, your time, effort, and money are likely going into the venture.

Make sure to think out the key concepts. Things like sales plans, marketing, and any other strategic plans that can lead to the potential success of the business in the end.

Executive Summary

Every company needs a purpose and goals. This is where the executive summary comes into play. Talk about any objectives, describe the market, give descriptions of any services and products, a snapshot for any potential growth, and what the funding requirements are.

This is the 10,000-foot view but it can provide a good window into what the business is and what it needs to succeed.

Products and Services

This is oftentimes the backbone of the business. What are you selling? Having a clear, concise idea of what these products and services are is essential to the success of businesses everywhere.

Describing these products and services means painting a picture, not necessarily spewing technical specifications. This is where you can sell the business for what it is and what it can be.

Market Opportunities

Identifying the markets in which the product or service will be sold is crucial. Who is going to pay for this product or service? What growth potential is there to expand into other areas? These are crucial for not only the growth of the business, but its survival. Know who you are selling to, where there are, and whether there is room to grow from that demographic.