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The Covid-19 pandemic has turned the world upside down, and we’re all relying on our leaders to make decisions and help us through it. Whether it’s our local government or our HR department at work, leaders are under a lot of pressure to stay strong during these turbulent times, and there are some qualities that make some more qualified to do that than others.

As the world remains in turmoil, people are starting to scrutinize their leaders more closely and demand better behavior than what is currently standard. As the climate becomes more polarized, the most attractive leaders are the ones who are ignoring the norms and displaying the following traits.


While humility has previously been shown to be a liability when one is shooting for a leadership role, the current climate makes it an important quality for successful leaders. The world is ever-changing and having the strength and sense to admit that you followed incorrect advice or made a sub-par move can help people relate to and trust you. 

Don’t mistake humility for a lack of confidence – think of it more as a reasonable ego. You are not the center of the universe, and being aware of your ultimate place in the world and focusing on how you can help will make people put more faith in you. 


Usually, we problem-solve by drawing on past and current experiences. But if we’re responsible for issues that affect a huge amount of people, we can’t always rely on our personal breadth of knowledge. Good leaders are always gathering knowledge, asking questions, and identifying gaps in their knowledge base that they need to fill. 


It feels like the news is filled with stories of unethical leaders these days, and in the digital age, it’s becoming harder and harder for these secrets to remain hidden. People are increasingly demanding that their leaders show more integrity and honesty in their day-to-day behavior, rather than engaging in parasitic behaviors and becoming a drain on the people they’re supposed to serve.